Understanding Capabilities & Limitations

Understanding Human Capabilities and Limitations:

An Essential Ingredient For Ethical Management

A thorough understanding of what people can and cannot do is vital to ethically manage a business, school, government or not for profit agency.

Understanding Human Capabilities and Limitations develops that understanding through interactive activities which illustrate the human capabilities and limitations followed by a discussion of whether it would be ethical or unethical to ignore the concept discussed in:

.designing products

.managing employees

.promoting products

.working with our customers.

In the SPOT activity participants are encouraged to work really quickly as they spell SPOT fast five times and then answer the question "What do you do at a green light?". After completing the activity in which most participants will say that they stop at green lights we speak about when it becomes unethical to ask a person to work faster, and the consequence of doing this.

Participants will remember more from Understanding Human Capabilities and Limitations than from a traditional lecture.

They will have more fun than at a typical party!!!