Power Up columns

Power Up columns from ASCD Educational Leadership


Using Technology for TransparencyEducational Leadership, September 2014

Who Owns That Course?Educational Leadership, October, 2014

A Letter to Parents Shopping for TechnologyEducational Leadership, November, 2014

The Responsive Staff MeetingEducational Leadership, December, 2014/January 2015

Helping to Close the Digital Divide: Connecting Students at HomeEducational Leadership, February, 2015

The Culturally Proficient TechnologistEducational Leadership, March, 2015

Navigating the Seas of Data” (the need for systems integrationists in schools), Educational Leadership, April 2015.

Choosing the Right Device” Educational Leadership, May 2015.


Making Good Technology ChoicesEducational Leadership, September, 2013

The New School LibraryEducational Leadership, October, 2013

Updated Rules for Securing DataEducational Leadership, November 2013

Teaching Above the LineEducational Leadership, Dec 2013/January 2014

Why Facebook Belongs in Your SchoolEducational Leadership, February 2014

Open Educational Resources: On the Web, and FreeEducational Leadership, March 2014

The Illusion of CreativityEducational Leadership, April. 2014

10 Questions about 1:1Educational Leadership, May. 2014


Put the “Personal” in in your PLNEducational Leadership, May, 2013

The Changing Role of the CTOEducational Leadership, April, 2013

Technology Skills Every Teacher NeedsEducational Leadership, March, 2013

The Tablet TakeoverEducational Leadership, February, 2013

Filtering FallaciesEducational Leadership, December/January 2013

Taking Charge of Online LearningEducational Leadership, November, 2012

Onboard with BYODEducational Leadership, October, 2012

Electronic FeedbackEducational Leadership, September, 2012