Miramar Palace

Friday's Party will take place in beautiful Miramar Palace. Set on a hill overlooking the Bay, it boasts one of the finest views in the city. It's an English-style palace, commissioned by the Spanish Royal Family in 1893. The close relationship between San Sebastián and the Spanish Royal Crown began with Isabella II of Spain, who, in the mid-19th century, would summer in the city in order to bathe in the sea. The relationship grew stronger when queen María Cristina of Austria moved the court’s summer location to San Sebastián and commissioned the construction of a Royal Summer House, Miramar Palace, to English architect Selden Wornum. Today the palace belongs to the City of San Sebastián and hosts university courses and cultural events.

Two rooms with wooden floors will be available to us, in addition to the back and front terraces (the latter facing the bay)!


The Kursaal Congress Centre and Auditorium is located right by the mouth of the Urumea river and facing Zurriola, one of Donostia’s three beaches, and a favorite among surfers. This emblematic building was designed by the prestigious Spanish architect Rafael Moneo and, among many other events, houses the biggest film festival in Spain, the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Saturday's party will take place in the Kursaal's Banquet Hall, a 400m2 space where we’ll dance the night away!


Miramar Palace (Prince's Pavilion)

Classes will take place in the "Prince's Pavilion" (a later addition to the Miramar Palace), located behind the main building. This will give you the chance to enjoy this beautiful venue and its view during the day as well!