Ana Mínguez & Markus Rosendal

Mimmi Gunnarsson & Fredrik Dahlberg

Gabriella Rosati & Nils Nygårdh

Ana Mínguez & Markus Rosendal

A pioneer of swing dance in the Basque Country, Ana has been teaching Lindy Hop in Donostia for more than 17 years.

She has also taught regular courses in other cities such as Vitoria, Bilbao and Biarritz.

In addition, she has also participated as a teacher of Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz & Charleston in various international stages and festivals as well as in several editions of the Paris Swing Festival. Of particular note, in the 2008 edition of the Paris Swing Festival, she was Frankie Manning’s assistant partner.

Her passion for Lindy Hop and her intention in creating a swing community in Donostia have led her over the years to organize dances, parties and workshops, to promote social dancing and never stop learning.

Markus Rosendal is a professional dance teacher, performer and DJ.

A well regarded specialist in dances from the 1920's - 1950's, Markus now teaches Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie and Authentic Jazz.

Markus started his dance career in 1999 when he was a competition dancer for the Swedish National Team, he continued to compete for the team until 2010. From 2006 alongside competing Markus has been travelling around the globe teaching at various events, from Herräng Dance Camp which is located in the home country of Sweden to Osaka, Japan and everywhere in between.

As well as teaching adults, Markus has enjoyed working with the community, touring Sweden teaching children around the country about dance and dance culture.

Want to know more about this fella? - www.markusrosendal.com

Mimmi Gunnarson & Fredrik Brev

Mimmi Gunnarsson has been dancing Lindy Hop since 2006. She soon found a passion for related swing dances such as authentic jazz and charleston as well. She started off as a social dancer and a couple of years later she started to perform - since 2012 as a member of the Harlem Hot Shots.

As a member of the Harlem Hot Shots, Fredrik travels the world regularly with and sometimes without them, performing and teaching. He wants his floors slippery and the music swingin’ like Basie. People often say about him – “I wonder, does this man have any bones in his body?”.

Gabriela Rosetti & Nils Nygårdh

Gabriella works as a swing dance teacher and performer in the city of Stokholm, where she grew up. She was trained by The Harlem Hot Shots and has been one of their hard-working group members for some years. She first attracted attention for her stylish swivels and charisma on the dance floor which she now uses as a teacher to inspire others. Gabriella particularly enjoys encouraging her students, especially followers, to develop and trust in their own unique style and technique.

One of the latest addition to the Hot Shots crew, Nils is a hard-working and disciplined dancer. Rhythm is always central to his dancing, which is not surprising given his background as a drummer. Nils also has a big love for fast and acrobatic Lindy.


Harlem Hot Shots is a group of Swedish dancers whose specialty is entertainment authentic to the Swing Era. With the deepest appreciation and passion for dance styles that originally derived from Harlem, their mission is to keep spreading knowledge and the tradition of swing dancing. Dances such as the lindy hop, charleston, jazz and tap make up the company’s repertoire which also includes acrobatics, singing and comedy.

Harlem Hot Shots is artistic, professional and re-creative. All of the company’s activities are inspired by the ideals of the Swing Era, focusing on both faithful reconstructions just as original choreography with a framework that is true to the period. High energy, improvisation and tight rhythms.

No modernizing. No compromising. Instead, the music, dances and overall presentation all emanate directly from genuine sources, such as authentic material from old film clips as well as many meetings and collaborations with dancers and musicians who were active during the 1930s and 40s. No intermediaries or distortions. No superficial adaptations or transparent clichés. Simply pure swing.