Note: a global program view can be found here. The program is still subject to minor modifications.

Poster Sessions

Location: Edifici Vèrtex - Campus Nord UPC - Plaça Eusebi Güell 6, 08034 Barcelona [GMaps]Chair: Xavi Giró

Wednesday 22 - Morning (10:30-11:30)

Garden (or Room VS217 in case of rain/cold)

Computer Vision

  1. Valéry Dewil (ENS Paris-Saclay) - Self-supervised training for blind multi-frame video denoising (WACV 2021)

  2. Álvaro Heredia (La Salle) - Comparing and combining deep learning and geometric approaches to 3D facial landmarking (PhD topic)

  3. Bhalaji Nagarajan (UB) - Uncertainty aware sample selection for food recognition (PhD topic)

  4. Ngoc-Long Nguyen (ENS Paris-Saclay) - Self-supervised multi-image super-resolution for push-frame satellite images (CVPR-W 2021)

  5. Xavier Sevillano (La Salle) - Guiding GANs: how to control non-conditional pre-trained GANs for conditional image generation

  6. Estefania Talavera (Twente) - Topic modelling for routine discovery from egocentric photo-streams (Pattern Recognition)


  1. Daniel F. Ordóñez (IRI) - An adaptable approach to learn realistic legged locomotion without examples

Garden (or Room VS216 in case of rain/cold)

Life Sciences

  1. Júlia Gimbernat (Illumina/Stanford) - Archetypal Analysis for population genetics (PhD topic)

  2. Juan Gómez (La Salle) - Western Mediterranean wetlands bird species classification: evaluating small-footprint deep learning approaches on a new annotated dataset (PhD topic)

Medical Imaging

  1. Giuseppe Pezzano (Eurecat/UB) - COVID-19 detection and segmentation on CT scans (Computers in Biology and Medicine)

  2. Meritxell Riera (Sycai) - Early pancreatic cancer detection: automatic segmentation of precursor lesions on abdominal CT scans (PhD topic)

  3. Lidia Talavera (UIB) - Hair segmentation and removal in dermoscopic images using deep learning (PhD topic)

Wednesday 22 - Afternoon (16:00-17:00)

Thursday 23 - Morning (10:30-11:30)

Garden (or Auditorium Hall in case of rain/cold)

Audio & Vision

  1. Cristina Puntí (UPC) - PixInWav: residual steganography for hiding pixels in audio (WiCV 2021)

Computer vision

  1. Sanket Biswas (CVC) - Structural Analysis and Understanding of Complex Layouts in Document Images (related to this ICDAR 2021)

  2. Cristina Bustos (UOC) - Predicting driver self-reported stress by analyzing the road scene (ACII 2021)

  3. Armand Comas (Northeastern University) - Learning disentangled representations of video with missing data (NeurIPS 2020)

  4. Biel Tura (IRI/UPC) - Learning graph-based event representations for unconstrained video segmentation (CCIA 2021)

  5. Adrià Arbués (UPF) - Towards soccer pass feasibility maps: the role of players’ orientation (Journal of Sports Sciences)


  1. Miriam Barrabés (UPC) - Predicting dog phenotypes from genotypes (under review)

Language & Vision

  1. Adrià Salvador (Glovo) - FooDI-ML: a large multi-language dataset of food, drinks and groceries images and descriptions

Reinforcement Learning

  1. Francisco Roldán Sánchez (Insight DCU) - Solving the real robot challenge using deep reinforcement learning (AICS 2021)Reinforcement Learning


  1. David Bonet (UPC) - Channel-wise early stopping without a validation set via NNK polytope interpolation (APSIPA 2021)


  1. Belén Alastruey (UPC) - Efficient transformer for direct speech translation (INTERSPEECH 2021)

  2. Gerard Gállego (UPC) - End-to-end speech translation with pre-trained models and adapters: UPC at IWSLT 2021 (IWSLT 2021)

Thursday 23 - Afternoon (15:30-16:30)

Garden (or Auditorium Hall in case of rain/cold)

Affective Computing

  1. Hassan Hayat (UOC) - Recognizing emotions evoked by movies using multitask learning (ACII 2021)

Audio & Speech

2. Daniel Arteaga (Dolby Labs) - Multichannel-based learning for object audio extraction (ICASSP 2021)

3. Ester Vidaña-Vila (La Salle) - Multilabel acoustic event classification for urban sound monitoring at a traffic intersection (EURONOISE 2021)

4. Guillermo Cámbara (UPF) - Voice quality and pitch features in transformer-based speech recognition

Computer Vision

5. Laia Tarrés (UPC) - GAN-based image colourisation with feature reconstruction loss (WiCV 2021)

Data efficiency

6. Eric Arazo (Insight/DCU) - How important is importance sampling for deep budgeted training? (BMVC 2021)


7. Benet Oriol (UPC/Stanford) - SALAI: species-agnostic local ancestry inference (under review)

Medical Applications

8. Carles Garcia-Cabrera (ML-Labs DCU) - Semi-supervised learning of cardiac MRI using image registration (IMVIP 2021)

9. Mariona Carós (UB) - Automatic reminiscence therapy for dementia (ICMR 2020)

Recommender systems

10. Paula G. Duran (UB) - Graph convolutional embeddings for recommender systems (IEEE Access)