Chosen projects which I've delivered with various training companies,

For IBM, Infosys, Infor, Motorola, ABB, Twinings, Mars, Unilever, Heineken, IKEA, Alcon, Roche, Pandora, Fresenius Kabi, Electrolux, Amway, Netia, Randstad, Arcelor Mittal, Alexander Mann Solutions.

Becoming Partners for business

The development process dedicated to the customer service department. The role of CS employees grew to KAM (Key Account Managers) for international markets. Project goals:

  • increase in self-confidence of employees
  • increase of competences: intercultural communication, effective business presentations, ability to establish long-term relationships with the client, representation of the company and its interests

Cooperation with India

Training goals for the Polish part of the IT team:

  • Understanding the impact of intercultural differences
  • Coping with difficult emotions in this cooperation
  • Developing adequate solutions that increase effectiveness

Cross-culture customer service

Training goals for employees of the SSC accounting department:

  • Building a pro-customer attitude that takes into account intercultural differences
  • Developing the methods of documents enforcement depending on the client's country of origin

Knowledge-sharing for remote teams: Poland, China, Mexico, India

The aim of the conference was to:

  • better get to know each other
  • exchange of good practices, inspiration
  • understand cultural influences on business

Cooperation in Polish-Indian team

Workshops for the team were aimed at:

  • better getting to know each other
  • getting acquainted with potentially disturbing areas
  • working out common rules for cooperation:
    • the course of meetings
    • coping with conflicts - escalations
    • the decision-making process
  • analysis of communication styles of each team member

Induction training

One of the companies (SSC) decided to equip all employees with basic skills of intercultural communication!

Intercultural negotiations

Intercultural negotiations - training in building an adequate relationship with a business partner to be able to assertively pursue your goals in an international environment.

Transition (BPO)

The project aimed at increasing the efficiency of process oftransitions from Switzerland and Italy to Poland


  • awareness of intercultural differences
  • analysis of the change process
  • adequacy of communication
  • preparation for knowledge - capturing
  • preparation for knowlede - sharing on return