Inspiration for: cross-culture management, team-building

Cross-culture cooperation - overview

The key to success is understanding and accepting the differences on a multicultural team, and then using them to enhance the way the team analyzes situations and makes decisions.

To prepare a team for such openess there are several actions you or your employees can take.

  1. Before the project
    • get to know basic differences between your country and the other one. You can do it on-line here:
    • get to know how is it to live/work in particular city at the moment
    • attend cross-cultural sensitivity training
    • prepare yourself for everything
  2. During the project
    • allocate enough time for getting to know each other and team-building activities
    • make common agreements on how will:
      • communication flow
      • you solve meritorical dispute
      • making decission process look like
      • you recognize that something is wrong
      • conflict situation be resolved
      • stakeholders be managed
      • assessment process look like and feedback is given
      • etc.
    • agree how often you will revise the process
  3. After the project
    • collect best practices and share with other teams in organization