Inspiration for: cross-culture management, team-building, India

Cooperation with Indians

Part 1

Most of my clients complain on their Indian business partners that:

o ‘They lie to us’

o ‘They don’t keep deadlines’

o ‘Their messages are not to the point’

o ‘They are indecisive’

o ‘They don’t send right documents’

Some of these issues are for Poles to understand, some need change in their mindset, some demand new skills in communication processes. These are the issues I usually embrace in workshop’s curriculum.

Indians comparing to Poles are much more relationship oriented. As one of managers I worked for said:

'It's not about doing things right. It's about doing them for the right people'.

I'd say that this is MAGICAL FORMULA for cooperation with Indians. You need to become a right person.

If you would like to make sure that you or your employees will become right people, remember to:

  1. Before the project
  2. During the project
    • allocate enough time for getting to know each other and team-building - with Inidans is never enough! Here you can find virtual team building games.
    • make common agreements on how will:
      • communication flow
      • meetings be held
      • making decission process look like
      • conflict situation be resolved
      • feedback be given
      • etc.
    • agree how often you will revise this process - Is it still ok for us to communicate in the way we decided?
    • indicate milestones
    • be in touch more often than with Polish employees - use chat, ask how are you, how are things
    • set deadlines way before it's a real DEADline
  3. After the project
    • collect best practices and share with other teams in organization