Open door

Because virtual teams are distributed around the world, there’s a small chance that your team members will ever meet face-to-face. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t open up their homes to one another.

You can video-record your home and show it to other team-members. Why not to use a creative theme like ...

James Bond or romantic movie?

Example here.

Coffee Break Chat

Imagine, that once a week, a program automatically pairs everyone in your company up for a non-work-related 1-on-1 call. These should be fun calls that give an opportunity for remote employees to get to know others in the company. Generally these calls run anywhere from 15-30 minutes, and lots of fun is had. This is one of the ways how to do it:

Check this option.

Adapted from: MuseumHack

What's up?

Since your team is remote, they’re not always going to be able to see the real-world impact their work is having. Recording videos of in-person activities and events are a great way to keep the team connected to your company’s mission. Organize a meeting, share what's happened.

We've organized a networking event with SIETAR Polska and SIETAR Austria and that's how we shared it with our colleagues:

Example here.

What's there?

Organize a contest of the most funny/suprising answer for a chosen photo!

Hobby moments

People are having so interesting hobbies that you can't even imagine. Why not to share these great inspirations? Have monthly themes like art, pets, sports... and allow employees to publish pictures in the common virtual space : the most funny moments, the most ridicilous scenario, the most suprising artefacts.

You can always use free google space as here.

Who's line is it anyway?

Let's make a quiz! Collect some interesting statements and pick two people in your team. Organize a poll, who's line is it anyway?

Check this option.

Adapted from: MuseumHack

Watch the movie!

Decide together to watch the same movie but apart. Challenge members to share and compare something about what they saw. It could be suggested alternate endings, favorite character, an early plot twist that would negate the whole point of the show, or anything else :)

Adapted from: Rapid Start Leadership

Who's the owner?

Team members take a photo of something that uniquely describes a part of their personality or interest or their version of the same thing: my car, my works space, favourite coffee mug. Send the photos to the moderator, who shows them one at a time while members try to guess who it belongs to.

Adapted from: MuseumHack

Truth or lie

Before a video conference, all remote team members should write down two true facts and one lie about themselves. These should be personal anecdotes—not work related. After a team member reads all three, people chime in and guess which fact is actually a fib.