Miśka Konkel

I am an expert in the field of intercultural communication.

I can not imagine a different world than one which is open to other people, our diversity and uniqueness and freedom to be ourselves. Sensitivity is the basis of fine tuned interventions, which I design.

On a daily basis, I support managers and employees in utilizing opportunities for more effective cooperation in multinational teams. Especially cooperating with India. Some of my projects are recommended at LinkedIn.

Contact me if you are looking for:

  • relocation training
  • executive coaching while working with multinational employees
  • help so your team understand how to make communication between them and the client more effective
  • guidance how to manage and utilize potential of your diverse team
  • someone who will prepare your team for cooperation with representatives of a different culture
  • support in solving conflicts between people from different countries to reduce the number of escalations
  • someone who will help you to prepare for a foreign contract
  • someone who will develop effective solutions from the HR level
  • effective Train the Intercultural Trainer session
  • anti-discrimination training
  • someone who will help you manage the change process by taking care of the smallest possible attrition