Train Like A Dragon

Each month, the gaffer will set you a new fitness, strength or technique challenge to help you become a fully fledged Dragon or an even better Dragon (for those of you who have been around a while)! Click here to join in!

Being fit and strong will help Dragons play better netball. Here we will show you some simple exercises that will help you along that path. Click here to see them...

We are adding videos to the above playlist all the time, so watch this space!

Top netball tips

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Be as Fit and Healthy as you want to be

Being fit and healthy for netball is one thing, being fit and healthy full stop is another. If you are interested in doing more to improve your health and fitness apart from training with Dragons have a look at Rees Fitness.

Cerin Rees has been training me for two years now and for those of you who know me you know the results speak for themselves. He focuses on what is important for you, whatever your level of fitness and goals are - and training is always fun.

He has seen me through a shoulder op and rehab, a hip problem and rehab and now currently, my slipped disc - and rehab! Don't let that put you off!! Exercise is good for you, honestly and Cerin is not the common link with my injuries!!

Training with Cerin is flexible - he offers one to one training, group training and options for training remotely with personal training plans tailored to meet your training needs. You obviously have to do the work!

There is a disclaimer at this point if you are a Dragon. This is a complementary training option and it is part of your membership agreement - You cannot swap Dragons to train with Rees! (Even if he is a nice guy!!)