Dragons Kit


The Dragons Kit shop, operated by Kukri Sports is now closed. Recent orders will be delivered soon.


We chose Kukri Sports for our kit because we wanted it to look good (which is obviously does) and we wanted high quality. For the quality we get there is a price and this is the price you pay when you order. Craven Dragons does not make any money on your orders.

Check out the kit on the link below.

Please read all details below before clicking the link!


If you have not logged on before you will need to create an account. You will make payments online at the time of ordering using debit / credit cards.

Please note that your transaction is with Kukri Sports.

Some points to note:

  1. The quality is good. The hoodies are thick and warm and wash well (well mine has anyway).
  2. Check kit sizing details if you are not sure about what size you need.
  3. In our experience the sizes are pretty standard apart from leggings and skirts for ladies - we suggest going one size smaller. It is worth checking with other Dragons about sizing - we don't mind you trying on our kit!
  4. The T-shirt is quite thick and so very warm to train in. If you are looking for a top to get hot and sweaty in choose the vest or training polo. Learn from my rookie error!
  5. The netball top has Velcro so we can attach patch bibs. These are not essential for everyone as at training we use full bibs. If you play matches these are a good idea. We have some spares in the club kit but you may not get your size!

Once you have picked and paid, the order will NOT be processed until the shop shuts. All the kit is then made and it takes approximately 10 weeks to deliver.

The shop will close on 20th October.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Post questions on the Craven Dragons Facebook group or email.

Happy kit ordering.

Love life, play netball & look amazing! 😊