Match Reports


A miserable night for netball with wind and rain making difficult playing conditions.

Dragons started well taking an early lead, and then the opposition shooters got their eye in! Tactically we outplayed them in centre court, just not able to convert the goals in the conditions.

Tree frog struck again - despite the slippy conditions, holding the ball and her balance with some great support play from Sheep (who did ok really for one - also receiving player ).

Helen managed to play an awesome WD, with several tips (despite her height limitations) and wearing her daughter's trainers, having forgotten hers, that were 2 sizes too big!! Only you Helen!

A loss tonight and some positive, well thought out play. Beaten by some consistent shooting by the opposition tonight.

The Devils were a different story. A fantastic first win tonight showing how confidence has been improving weekly, coupled with determination and good thinking in the dying minutes to keep the upper hand.

Shooting is never easy and when the weather is also against you it takes extra nerve to keep a level head. A big shout out to Abbie and Holly for doing exactly that. Supported well by strong attacking play, with Millie at centre also giving her all, the Devils coped better then their opponents with the wet and wind, playing the short game and keeping control in the second half they managed to snatch their win.

Well done girls! And very well deserved.


A great night for Dragons on Tuesday in some typical winter league dismal weather. The drizzle might have made the surface slippier (I think that's a word) but it didn't put the Dragons off their stride - or jumps!

A fantastic win for The Dragons 14-12, in a match that was decided in the last minute. Very close fought throughout against a well organised and capable team - who are good fun to play against - and a determined effort by every single Dragon right until the end (not that it is ever any different 😊).

Well done to Fil for some impressive tips and interceptions slowing down their attacking play and with the focused defence from Hannah and Helen helped keep the shooters off their game. Some very nibble footwork from Hannah also saw some great attacking defence to move the ball down court enabling us to stay in contention. One of the best quick feet, dodges I've seen Hannah! 😁

Meanwhile at the other end of the court Debs, Liv and Jayne managed to keep going against a strong defence and get that ball through the net. Supported by Feb and Kate (who took a bit of a battering) the attacking play was fast and (mostly) controlled. Some great passing and tactical play. Brilliant to watch! And helped by the win!! Well done all.

The Dragons Devils (new name for the development squad - we think it's quite apt 😈) played on the court alongside The Dragons (very convenient for the supporting team Emily and I thought!) and also played some brilliant, determined netball.

There was team spirit and support throughout the match, which for a squad that has only just started playing together was great to see.

Getting used to the surface, especially in the rain, made footwork a challenge at times. I was exceedingly proud to see this didn't stop players trying, defending and attempting to regain possession. A particular mention for Ella who showed what can only be described as true Dragons grit when she chased after and fought for a loose ball. The only time when snatching is applauded! Well done Ella πŸ˜€

Also well done to Millie R for some great defence, and getting Player from the other team, along with Shanice for some good interceptions. Lou survived as C - she more than survived actually receiving the umpire Player shout out and I'm thinking more chances for seeing her play centre in training!

Two teams playing in a league - more than I could have dreamed of 7 years ago. One very proud Mother of Dragons aka Gaffer here. Well done everyone!