Craven Dragons Netball

Who are the Craven Dragons?

We are a Netball Club for ages 11 to 110! We are based in Crosshills and it doesn't matter your age or playing history (or even if you have one!)

How to contact us

For information, please contact head coach Anna Sheryn on:


If you are a parent of a Dragon and would like to sign up for our newsletter to keep you up to date with stuff that's happening please click here.

If you are a Dragon and would like to sign up to our newsletter please click here.

When do we train?

The season runs from September to July in term times. And we train Wednesdays 5pm - 6pm for cadets and 6pm - 7.30pm for seniors.

Please note that there is no training inside currently due to Covid-19. See the Facebook group for weekly training updates.

When do we play?

Seniors and cadets who want to play competitively can play with us in the League on Tuesdays.

Where do we train?

South Craven School in Sutton. Take a look at the map below...

How to become a member...

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About Craven Dragons

Craven Dragons was born in 2010 and we are a friendly Netball Club for ages 11 to 110, based at South Craven School.

For all netballers, it doesn't matter how old you are or how much you have played, our focus is on having fun, getting fitter and feeling great and playing the best netball we can. We have a range of ages and abilities, youngsters who run around a lot and have fun, not so youngsters who run around a lot and have fun and some back to netballers who also run around and have fun! As you might have gathered, we are all about having fun and enjoying ourselves. You work as hard in training as you choose and laugh whilst you are doing it.

We have a cadets and seniors section and train weekly during the term time. We also play in a local league for those of you who enjoy the competitive side of netball.

As well as training and matches, we also organise tournaments and events throughout the year. For example, our annual Mixed Tournament for Movember is a firm favourite and not for the feint hearted! The boys are always beaten... and surprised at the speed of the game.

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