Protect Spotsylvania!

Summary of Concerns

Thousands of acres are being cleared right up to hundreds of adjacent homeowner’s property lines.

The entire solar plant will consume 6,350 acres.

Concerned Citizens of Spotsylvania County has spent the better part of a year researching the ACTUAL impacts of the proposed 500 MW industrial-scale power plant ... and the claims of benefits to Spotsylvania made by sPower.

  • Massive scale: ​This solar complex would be the largest built outside of the desert southwest. At 10-square-miles in size it would be as large as the city of Fredericksburg, and it will make Spotsylvania the guinea pig for the only such massive solar plant ever built in a populated area. Learn more.
  • Culture and environment: 6,300 acres of greenhouse gas-reducing forest lands will be converted to a massive industrial solar power plant, forever changing the character of Spotsylvania County. Learn more.
  • Lost tax revenue: ​Concerned Citizens estimates that the County will lose $330,000 per year in tax revenue from lost property values and planned residential construction that will not occur, more than negating the tax benefits from the facility. Learn more.
  • Jobs:​ “Over 700 jobs created” -- are temporary construction jobs only, and most are likely to be filled by out-of-state contractors. Learn more.
  • No Power for Spotsy: All of the electricity produced will benefit corporations such as Microsoft and Apple, and University of Richmond. NONE of the power produced benefits local residents or businesses. Learn more.
  • Rising electricity rates: ​ Intermittent solar power places additional burdens on the conventional grid, which costs will be passed along to electric ratepayers and taxpayers money. Learn more.
  • Fire: Health and Safety: There is a demonstrable, serious risk of fire on any of the three sites. Such a fire would present unique challenges for firefighters, for which Spotsylvania County is not currently prepared. Learn more.
  • Restoration costs ("Decommissioning"): ​Both the county staff and Planning Commission have estimated that the costs to restore the site to its originial condition will be a minimum of $36 million. sPower has not committed to covering these expected costs. Learn more.
  • sPower long-term accountability: ​sPower is a group of LLCs investing in tax credited solar projects with no track record for the long-term commitment this project requires.


The County Planning Commission has already voted to recommend denial of 470-MW of the 500-MW project proposed by sPower. We urge the Board of Supervisors:

“Vote NO.”

For more information: