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Stop sPower !

What's this all about?

A Utah based company, sPower, has applied to Spotsylvania County for permits to build a MASSIVE, 6,350-acre solar "farm", right in the middle of historic Spotsylvania ... amid its homes, schools, farms (real "farms"), battlefields, and designated "Agricultural and Forest" lands.

That would be 10-square miles in size. Half the size of Manhattan.

That's not a "farm", its a massive industrial-scale power plant complex.

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We urge the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors vote "NO" on sPower's application.

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On Wednesday, Jan. 16, the Planning Commission recommended DENIAL of two of the three proposed sPower solar facilities. The process now moves to the Board of Supervisors in February and March.

Here is the Free Lance Star article by Scott Shenk:

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The photos below show the magnitude of the project and just a tiny segment of the land ravaged by this PROPOSED solar plant.

This is just the 100 +/- acres directly adjacent to Fawn Lake (in the background).

Thousands of acres are to be cleared if the project is approved.

This is aerial view of all of "Site A", the largest of the three proposed sPower site.

(Photo courtesy Chris Cressy)

And for those who live in the Livingston District ... check out how much of our "forestal" lands will be ravaged.

The proposed solar "farm" would consume approximately 70% of the Agricultural / Forestal lands in our district.

The area in light blue shows the proposed sPower sites, A, B and C.

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Why You Should Join The Effort

If you are at all concerned about these potential issues:

        • The beautiful rolling hillsides of Spotsylvania being devoured by a 10-square-mile solar "farm"
        • Your taxes going up
        • Your price for electricity going up
        • Your property values going down
        • Your water pressure going down, or access to your well water being diminished
        • Toxic runoff and contamination of our water supply
        • The environmental impacts from the clearing of 6,350 acres of forested land
        • 700+ tractor trailers and trucks on our winding, country roads every day
        • "Trench buring" of thousands of acres of tree stumps and debris, for months

... all due to the PROPOSED construction of a massive industrial solar power complex -- by an out of state company, sPower of Utah, then you too need to be a Concerned Citizen.

And you need to make your voice heard: Board of Supervisors meetings are in February and March!

Let your voice be heard. Attend these meetings!

Who We Are

Concerned Citizens of Spotsylvania County is a grass roots group of residents who have serious concerns about the proposed solar power plant under application for a Special Use Permit (SUP) in western Spotsylvania County.

In January of 2019 Concerned Citizens applied to the IRS for status as a 501(c)4 organization.

Our Mission

To ensure that utility-scale solar power plants do not harm the public health, safety and welfare, wildlife and the environment, and place no additional economic burden on taxpayers and electric rate payers.

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