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The International Culture Collection of Glomeromycota (CICG) is located at the Regional University of Blumenau (FURB), in Blumenau, SC, southern region of Brazil. The content of this website focus on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF - phylum Glomeromycota), a widespread group of soil fungi that establish the arbuscular mycorrhizal association with land plants. The CICG intends to become a reference center for researchers in the area who will be able to use the resources available to deposit AMF cultures, to subsidize research that requires species identification, and to train human resources in systematics, taxonomy, and cultivation of AMF. The growth and continuation of this collection depends on the use and interactions that researchers and mycorrhizologist will make of it.

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Sidney Luiz Stürmer

Curator CICG

Departamento de Ciências Naturais

Universidade Regional de Blumenau

89030-903 Blumenau, SC - Brazil

Phone: (47) 3321-0924 / 3321-0363


February 2022

In Taxonomy - Nomenclature: the species list has been updated to include newly described species as well as a new family (Polonosporaceae). The Phylum now has 325 described species.

In Lab Team: meet Caroline Vogel, undergraduate student of Biological Sciences at FURB who recently started in the laboratory with a Scientific Initiation grant

In Policies – Culture Distribution: The CICG's way of distributing germplasm has changed for economic reasons. The acquisition of a culture (200 g of inoculum) costs R$ 100,00 (one hundred brazilian reais).

In Taxonomy – Species Description: description of the species Gigaspora albida, Gigaspora gigantea, Rhizophagus clarus and Acaulospora colombiana were added, with a description of spore wall structure, comparison with the original description, taxonomic history and biogeographic information. Photos of the whole and broken spores are also presented.

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