Convention Events

This page is to give players additional information about the convention events that the Catalyst Demo Team will be running at Origins and Gencon this year. Below you will find information on what events we are running (though you can also find this in the event guide for each con) and at the top you will see links to pages for each unique event (since event descriptions are very limited in the convention guides). However, you won't find all the information about all the events, we do like to keep some things a surprise for the actual convention. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact me at or add to the discussion on the forums at this link.

The Catalyst Demo Team is a group of volunteers who love Catalyst produced games like Battletech (BT) and Shadowrun (SR) and like to run them (commonly known as GameMaster or GM) them for others. As a team we have a large presence wherever Catalyst Game Labs (CGL) has a presence (ex: Gencon, Origins, PAX Prime, etc.) but we also run many games at many locations where CGL is not present (ex: local small cons, local gaming stores). We are all on the forums but we are also on Facebook. So if you want to find other games near you or sign-up to join our team of BT & SR GMs (we call them agents) please visit our Facebook page.