Open Tournament


This is consider that most challenging tournament that the Battletech Demo Team has to offer. This is not recommended for new or casual players.

The general idea is that this is a 3 round non-elimination tournament and a winner is determined by the total score at the end of the 3 rounds. Each year the tournament has a theme with unique bonuses and each round has a theme within that. However, round themes, mechs, mech pairings, and year bonuses are not announced ahead of the con which is part of the challenge. Each round has 6 mech pairings and each player will pick one pairing. Then players will be randomly teamed up to play one on one games on up to two mapsheets. At the end of each round a score sheet is filled out. Then the next pairings are put out and the process begins again until all 3 rounds are complete. At the end of the tournament the winner will be awarded a prize.

Alex Kaempen is the lead agent for the open tournament and questions specific to this tournament can be directed to him at

Descriptions as posted listed in the Origins/Gencon Event Listings

  • Short
    • The most challenging tournament. 3-round, non-elimination. The winner is determined by the total score after all 3 rounds.
  • Long
    • Full rules are available at our website. Players will play in all 3 rounds even if they lose a round. Rounds are played back to back in one big event ticket. Each player gets a mech pair for each round from that round's list and plays against one other player who also has a mech pair from the list. Each round new pairings are assigned. Rounds will be played on mapsheets. This year's force list choices and bonuses are not published beforehand.