Solaris Melee Challenge


Solaris Melee Challenge (SMC) is a tournament and really about campaign play. Players will create a pilot and then through their success in the arena can earn c-bills to buy improved skills, mechs, and other attributes. The highest ranking 8 players then go on to the finals. The winner of the finals gets the prize.

Like most events the demo team runs the Solaris Tournament has been through many revisions and is updated every year. Therefore, if you haven't played in a while be ready for new interesting game play aspects.

SMC at Gencon 2019

  • SMC is scheduled in 2 hour blocks but game play does not reset between blocks. Much like an arcade game, every two hours people can turn in more tickets (either event or generic tickets when space is available) to keep playing. At these time slots new players are added and leaving players are removed but then game play resumes.
  • Players do not need to participate in all blocks of the SMC but the final 8 is determined by the score at the end of Friday so it may be recommended that you book several blocks of SMC if you want to be competitive (though some players may argue it is possible to play too many blocks... its all about the strategy)
  • Note: this year SMC is no longer played at Origins.

Descriptions as posted listed in the Gencon Event Listings

  • Short
    • Create a pilot for a 2-day tournament in the Solaris arenas. Players can come & go. Top 8 pilots go to the finals.
  • Long
    • Create a pilot to battle other MechWarriors in different arenas on Solaris. Earn C-Bills to buy new abilities and Mechs. Players can come and go Thursday and Friday. Only the top 8 players based on total number Mech Kills over both Thursday and Friday will make it to the finals.