Part 4 Links

Link 13.1: Faisal Hoque: Business Models are About Execution

Link 13.2: Andreessen Business Models

Link 13.3: Reid Hoffman: Live life in Beta

Link 13.4: Bing Gordon: Transitions and Business Models

Link 13.5: Germ-conscious soccer moms

Link 13.6: Jose Estabil

Link 14.1: Reinventing your business model

Link 14.2: Bock and George: Agile Business Model Innovation

Link 14.3: Schumpeter's Creative Destruction

Link 14.4: Put your business model in beta too!

Link 14.5: Apple Computer from Bankruptcy to Global Dominance

Link 14.6: Driving Growth with Business Model Innovation

Link 14.7: The Closing of the Nook App Store

Link 14.8: The End of the Nook

Link 14.10: The Oracle of Silicon Valley on Business Models

Link 14.11: Chesbrough on business model innovation

Link 15.1: Forum for the Future - Sustainable Business Models

Link 15.2: Sahlman on Business Plans and Business Models

Link 15.2: Teece on business models

Link 15.4: "Sustainable business" model

Link 15.5: "Sustainable business" "business model"

Link 15.6: Scottish Enterprise on sustainable business models

Link 15.7: Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes on business models

Link 15.8: Centre for Industrial Sustainability at Cambridge

Link 15.9: Plan C

Link 15.10: Is Walmart a Sustainable Business Model?

Link 15.11: The Sierra Club on Walmart's Sustainability

Link 15.12: Walmart on Sustainability Issues

Link 15.13: Warren Buffet's Pledge

Link 15.14: Greenwashing

Link 15.15: ReturnPath puts employees before investors (video)

Link 15.16: Walmart is a top disability employer

Link 15.17: Walmart sued for disability discrimination

Link 15.18: Walmart's impact on other local businesses

Link 15.19: Walmart deploys capital efficiently

Link 16.1: Thrun on Khan Academy's biz model

Link 16.2: Some people like to watch cars crash

Link 16.3: Jeff Goron on the business model of NASCAR

Link 16.4: Zuckerberg on facebook business model

Link 16.5: Challenging the business model for YouTube Ads

Link 16.6: Joss Whedon on media business models

Link 16.7: The "fake news" business model

Link 16.8: Can the "fake news" business model be stopped?

Link 16.9: Andreesen on print media business models

Link 16.10: Good business models?

Link 16.11: Business models for the good of society