The Gift Presentations

Make photos as each guest presents their gift to the birthday person (and as awards are presented to winners of your games). Be sure your photos include the gift table as well as the birthday honoree:

  1. Receiving their wrapped gift.
  2. Opening their gift.
  3. Looking at their gift.
  4. Showing their gift to the audience/camera.

Also, take notes (or video) of what the birthday person says along with each gift so you can include these as photo captions in your album.

As an alternative to presenting wrapped gifts, if your honoree is adventuresome, consider gift wrapping (blindfolding) the honoree, having them pose for pictures holding their gift(s) and letting them figure out what their gifts are by feeling them.

Also, consider the background for your photos. If you plan to remove it, a color which contrasts with the honoree's hair color, clothing, etc is best. If you plan to keep the background, plan on making it interesting. In the photo on the right, after Heather was blindfolded Heather's friends wrote messages for her on the white board behind her. The board was erased before her blindfold was removed. Heather had to wait until the photo album was presented to her to find out what the messages said. For additional photos of messages written on a white board behind the honoree, please see the Laurel Activity which is posted on the Farnsworth Family Blog and has been pinned numerous times on PInterest.