Setting up for the Event

Setting up for an event is a lot of work. Be sure to take photos of your setup crew doing their job. Also, if you have special decorations, be sure to take photos of each of those just after you set them up. Take a panoramic view of the room too as setup is complete. View these photos on your computer. if they did not come out well, adjust lighting and take them over.

If you are planning an in-home or in-office event, you might wish to greet the honoree with a birthday magnet or card attached to their refrigerator or their filing cabinet. (If you plan on a birthday celebration later in the day you might wish to attach a birthday magnet to the refrigerator or office door so the magnet will be one of the first things the honoree sees on their birthday morning. Remember to bring the magnet with you to the celebration.) Be sure to take a picture of the honoree reading their magnet and another photo of them holding their magnet.