Design a unique birthday celebration for your friend or family member so that it will be truly memorable, one which will be very easy to differentiate from others even years from now by following these birthday suggestions.

Since it is counterproductive to have an event which is memorable because it made the honoree or guests unhappy, be sure that the celebration is an event that everyone, especially the honoree, will enjoy. Try to make your event a learning and personal growth experience, too.

You might wish to have a theme for your celebration. The theme could be based upon theater, sports, sailing, travel, etc. The dress, menu, signs, wishes, cake, games and activities and gifts which are discussed on this web site might all evolve around the central theme.

If the honoree is relatively reserved, plan a conservative event. If the honoree is adventuresome, plan an event which capitalizes on their sense of adventure. When we do programs for our most adventuresome honorees (such as some of the people pictured on this Birthday Suggestions web site) the surprises begin when the blindfold goes on and continue when it comes off. We find that the blindfold draws attention to our events as well as increasing the sense of adventure for the honoree. When we plan programs for our most conservative honorees we recommend mostly group activities. If there are games, we might even recommend that the honoree be a judge rather than a contestant.

In all cases (unless your honoree really dislikes photographs) plan to build a really nice and special photo album, one which they will want to keep and share for generations. I find that my best albums happen when I plan the album as I plan the event, rather than trying to decide what to do with random photos after an event.

In addition to celebrating annual birthdays consider celebrating decimal birthdays, such as 100, 1000, and 10,000 day birthdays. To calculate thousand day birthdays check out the decimal birthday calculator by Stewart C. Russell from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Jarusa provides a similar calculation. If you would like additional celebration opportunities, Date and Time provides birthday calculations in seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks. Dad's Worksheets and Mathcats provide current age in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

This website will provide some guidance on several options for preparing memorable events and planning photo albums. It is unlikely that any one celebration would include all of the suggested activities and photo opportunities. Likewise, it is unlikely that an event planner would want to include only the suggested activities. Please consider joining our Birthday Suggestions page on Facebook, complete our brief survey and share your ideas.

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