The Cake and/or Candle Ceremony

Consider having a cake (with candles) or just a candle lighting ceremony in which selected guests (or groups of guests) each:

  • light a candle
  • tell a great story about the honoree
  • make a wish for the honoree

before the honoree blows out the candle flames. Take pictures of each guest (or group of guests) as they light their candle and take a photo of the entire lineup of guests and the honoree after all of the candles are lit. Make a video recording of this ceremony.

Ideally, the cake would be custom designed for the honoree. For example, if the honoree is an exchange student or a visitor from a country outside of your own, you might consider making the cake in the shape of the honoree’s flag. If the honoree is a scholar the cake might take the shape of a book or a cap and tassel.