Birthday Cards

Featuring Honoree

You might enjoy sending people customized birthday cards including their photo. People enjoy receiving them.

Collect photos of people at a variety of events throughout the year and remove the background. Place the photo(s) on a birthday themed background, add appropriate designs and wording. Present the card to the honoree in printed or electronic form (or both) as appropriate.

When you plan to take photos at an event, think about potential reuse of the photos for making cards. Collecting photos for card is an ongoing process which requires planning and appropriately storing photos so they can be located easily, but one which has value.

I especially like Jennifer's card (shown here) which includes photos taken during one of my Education by Entertainment programs (I'm in the background) because:

  • The facial expressions couldn't be better.
  • The blindfold says Happy Birthday.
  • Jennifer is holding a Happy Birthday bear.
  • The Awesome ribbon and trophy are fitting for the occasion.
  • The details in the picture, including Jennifer's Engagement ring, show perfectly.

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