WP4 : Effect of diatom diversity on oyster production

Microalgae are widely used as feed in aquaculture a.o. because of their diverse and high FA content (60). We will carry out experiments to test the effect of diatom taxonomic and functional diversity on oyster energy budgets. In addition, we will study the selective uptake of diatoms by oysters, and how resuspended sediment may interfere with diatom uptake, as we hypothesize that sediment resuspension is also linked with diatom diversity and EPS production (cf. above and WP1). We hypothesize that the nutritional values (approximated via oyster scope-for-growth, SFG, 61) of diatom species and functional groups will differ. We will closely collaborate with the industrial stakeholders (oyster farmers, e.g. Benth'ostrea) through the use of their facilities, their involvement in experimental set-up and provision of oyster larvae.

  • Task 4.1 - Testing the effect of diatom identity and diversity on oyster production
  • Task 4.2 - Testing the effect of sediment resuspension on oyster feeding and production
  • Task 4.3 - Testing the potential of exploiting diatom diversity for commercial oyster larvae rearing