2nd field campaign

The second field campaign took place in Yerseke, Netherland from June 28th to July 5th. The aim of this campaign was to examine the variability of microphytobenthos diversity and ecosystem functioning at very small temporal scale. We performed detailed low-tide high frequency analysis of microbial diversity-functioning during two consecutive low tides (night & day). Detailed sampling of microbial diversity, activity and processes were performed at high temporal and taxonomic resolution.

Direct measurements of Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) fluorometry, Spectral reflectance, CO2 & O2 fluxes, Sediment stability (CSM), light extinction coefficient (Kd), temperature, irradiance, Salinity were performed.

Several mud samples were taken for amplicon sequencing, metatranscriptomic, metabolomic (secondary metabolites), lipophilic pigments (by HPLC), fatty acids (by GC-MS), microalgae-protozoa-meiofauna-macrofauna counts, exopolymeric substances quantification, exoenzymatic activities, nutrients concentrations & fluxes, porosity.

Second field campaign