First field campaign

The first field campaign took place in the Bay of Bourgneuf, France (see interactive map below) from June 22nd to 28th. The aim of this campaign was to reveal the link between tidal flat biodiversity and supporting ecosystem services such as primary production and sediment resistance against erosion. In addition, an in situ stable isotope experiment was carried out to trace the carbon flow in intertidal sediments.

Measured parameters:

Microbial diversity:

  • Molecular diversity (16S DNA, RNA)
  • Chemotaxonomy (pigments, fatty acids)
  • Exopolymer diversity

Benthic invertebrates:

  • meiofauna
  • macrofauna

In situ measurements:

  • CO2 fluxes
  • remote sensing
  • sediment stability

Map of the sampling sites :