WP1 : Integrated field campaigns

Two integrated field campaigns are planned [spring 2017, Bay of Bourgneuf (BB), France; spring 2018, Paulina (PAUL) tidal flat, The Netherlands]. Both campaigns will, for a silty and a sandy site, provide a detailed inventory and quantification of microbial, meio- and macrobenthic taxonomic and functional biodiversity and standing stocks, EPS composition and dynamics, and C fluxes at high functional and taxonomic resolution. In addition, the link between tidal flat biodiversity and sediment stability will be documented.

  • Task 1.1. Field campaigns and in situ measurements
  • Task 1.2. Microbial biodiversity and biomass
  • Task 1.3 – Meio- and macrobenthos biodiversity and biomass
  • Task 1.4 – EPS
  • Task 1.5 – FA biomarkers
  • Task 1.6 – Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA)
  • Task 1.7 - RNA SIP