Financial Documents

Dear PTA Committee Chairs,

Thank you for volunteering your time to the Stevens PTA – our Stevens Superstars appreciate it!

This letter explains the documents and forms you will need to use and be familiar with to carry out your fiscal responsibilities as a committee chairperson. The financial stability of our organization and the ability to run our programs, events and fundraisers depends on adherence to these instructions.

Budget: Click HERE to find the 2017-2018 Operating Budget. Please see the line item that corresponds to your program, event or fundraiser to determine the projected income, planned expenses and net (overall) budget for your program or fundraiser. Committees must stay within the planned expenses approved by the PTA. Expenditures that exceed the budgeted amount by more than 5% must be approved by the PTA.

Exempt Purchase Certificate: The Francis L. Stevens PTA is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. An exempt purchase certificate must be used when making any purchases on behalf of the PTA. The PTA will not reimburse sales tax paid in error. For a copy of the exempt purchase certificate, please contact your Executive Board Advisor.

Expense Reimbursement/Check Request: Click HERE to download the Expense Reimbursement form. New this year, the form can be filled out electronically – it even does the computations for you!

This form must be completed each time a PTA representative requests a check from the Treasurer to pay a bill, obtain funds for a cash box, or reimburse someone for PTA-approved out-of-pocket expenses. All receipts or invoices must be attached, along with any other supporting documentation. Signature by a Committee Chair is required and shall indicate that the request is for an approved expenditure that is within budget. Check requests should be submitted for payment within 30 days of the event/program end or by June 30, 2017, whichever is sooner. For this form, it is acceptable to scan and email the signed form and receipts/invoices to the Treasurer.

For cash boxes, the Committee Chair must: (1) determine how much cash will be needed, (2) turn in the form at least two weeks before the cash box is needed for the Treasurer to write a check, and (3) make arrangements to get the check and cash box from the Treasurer or President with sufficient time to obtain cash and set-up the cash box for the event.

Deposit Record: Click HERE to download the Deposit Record form. New this year, the form can be filled out electronically – it even does the computations for you!

This form must be completed each time a PTA representative gives money to the Treasurer for deposit. Prior to submitting this form to the Treasurer or President, two people must count the money and sign the form. Ideally, PTA monies should be turned in to the Treasurer or the President immediately following events. Committee Chairs and PTA members are strongly discouraged from taking PTA monies to their homes. Each cash transaction of greater than $75 must be listed separately on Page 2, and all checks must be listed individually on Page 3.

It is recommended that Committee Chairs keep copies of all Expense Reimbursement/Check Requests and Deposit Records associated with their programs and fundraisers. This information is useful for tracking performance to current budgets and planning future budgets. In addition, it is very helpful to new Committee Chairs in gaining an understanding of prior income and expenses.

If you have any questions please contact the Stevens PTA email address.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Have a great year!

Carrie Swift-Huntley, PTA Treasurer

Francis L. Stevens Elementary School - 25 Lake Hill Road, Ballston Lake, NY 12019

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