About Us

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Stevens brings parents, teachers, school staff, community members and businesses together to support the education and well-being of children through classroom programs, after-school activities, and family experiences throughout the school year.

Join Us at one of our monthly PTA Meetings held throughout the school year.

Our Events and Programs

  • Evening Social Events - Evening events are coordinated throughout the school year to bring children and their families together to socialize and engage in a variety of fun activities.
  • Student Enrichment - The PTA supports events and activities for students, during and after the school day, that enrich their learning experiences, celebrate their accomplishments, and promote fun.
  • School Support - The PTA participates in meetings, activities, and administrative tasks to support the the teachers, staff, and school community at Stevens.
  • Fundraising - Specific events and activities are used to raise money for the PTA and its programs.

Francis L. Stevens Elementary School - 25 Lake Hill Road, Ballston Lake, NY 12019

Contact the PTA: bhblstevenspta@gmail.com