Tree of Knowledge

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With the new addition, the school district turned to Robert Fillous, a 1935 Cleveland Institute of Art graduate to design/purchase a sculpture to be added to the outside. This sculpture was the Tree of Knowledge, a 1967 15' by 10' metal cast sculpture. It cost the school $25,000 dollars ( or $191,107.03 in todays money), which was more than teacher's salaries at the time. The tree showcased the arts, math, science, humanities and history at the bottom in the shape of eyes. Notable places in Ohio, such as the Glenn Research Center, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and Rocky River are also featured on the sculpture. The sculpture will be safely removed prior to demolition and will go into storage at Smith Elementary

The Tree

Here it is in all its glory.

Example of the things at the bottom

The pallette represents art. There are others.

Robert Fillous

The man behind the sculpture, he graduated in 1935 from the Cleveland Institute of Art.

I do not have an image of this person.

Zoom out

Right below the tree is a little brick wall with Berea High School engraved in sandstone. It has since been destroyed.

Tree Installation (yearbook image)

Found in 1968 Berean, this shows the Tree being installed.