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Berea High Archive

Preserving history. One picture at a time

Hello and welcome fellow Berea High Alumni and anybody else!! My name is Christina Yates and this is a little website I put together for you! It contains photos, information, and history of all aspects of Berea High School in Berea, Ohio. Feel free to look around!

If you are coming from the Cleveland.com article, welcome and thank you so much for checking this website out! I want as many alumni to see it as possible, so if you could share the website around with your buddies, that would be swell!

You are allowed to share and use the photo's that you see on here, just make sure to credit this website, as most of these (except B/W ones) are taken by me. If you have a photo from when Berea High was Berea High (NOT including people) email me (ill give you full credit and put it on the site!).

There will be NO photos of demoliton on the website. You can search up bereahigharchive on Instagram if you really want to see it.

I need information on some of the miscellaneous objects. If you know ANYTHING on these objects, PLEASE email me!

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