Who can forget the auditorium? From the very beginning in the school, this building was its partner in crime. While the school served learning Math, English, Science, and History, the auditorium served to teach highschoolers the art of performing. Plays, concerts, and (sometimes) graduation happened here, inviting the community to see the future generation achieve their dreams.

View from 1st floor door

This is what you would see when you first walked in. Lots of seats, lots of stage.

The seats

The place for your enjoyment while you watched...

Top: first floor: these were most likely replacements

Bottom: second floor: These are the original seats from when the school was first built. Notice the color choice?

The stage

The stage. The main place. The focal point of everybody's eyes. The stage was made with _____ panels.

Fun Fact: Back in the day, once you were all done with lunch, you could come to the Auditorium to watch a new movie. The school broke them up into 5 seperate parts.

View from stage

The back of the auditorium was room 145! Kids would come to prepare themselves for the show they were performing, and there was a whole lot of room to do so!

View from second floor

The second floor of the auditorium featured a pretty nice view of the stage. You could see everything without a tall head in the way.


Yes, gargoyles. These were installed on the west side of the auditorium outside in 1928. They are made of metal. There are two of them. When the science wing was built in the 50's they were cut off from the view of people...

Here are some misc. photos of the auditorium!