Sports Center/Pool/ Main Gym

The 'newest' part of the school, the Sports Center was built in the mid 1990's next to the existing pool built in the 1950's. The Sport's Center featured a large gathering area, a gym, and a blue track as well as several basketball hoops. Toward the end, some of the lights started to buzz, which caused great discomfort to the students while they were taking state tests one year (they stopped doing testing in there soon after). It was the first part of the high school to be demolished, which was on August 18, 2020.

The Main Gym was built in the 1950's, and back in the day it had a giant 'B' in the center. When Berea and Midpark merged, they replaced it with the Titan.


(when it was functioning) Built in the 50's, the pool was a lot of feet long, 8 feet deep. It also had a rainbow ceiling.

Fun Fact: Lawence Kwiatkowski (my grandfather) was the very first person in the pool!

Main gathering section

Very, um, blue?? And white???


A very cool design, if you ask me!

Sports center (1995)

The sports center oringinally had little stick figures showing the different activities (photo taken from the web)

Sports Center (Today)

Today, those little stick figures are expelled.

(painted over)

2nd floor entrance

This entrance (in the 250's) led to the.....


Ahh, the track. So blue, so full of energy.

Main Gym entrance (before 2013)

Look at that BRAVE!

Image found on the web.

Main Gym entry way (now)


I have no image of this, but it's OK, it's very bare.

The Gym floor (Yearbook)

Berea High School 'original gym' floor.

Fun Fact: Before the Gym was construsted, the 'gym' (basketball courts) was behind the Auditorium!

The gym floor

This is the 'Titan' Gym floor.


The bleachers were long, wooden panels with wooden steps

Here are some misc. photos of the sports center/main gym!