Clock Tower

Built in 1927-1929 and standing 3-4 stories tall, the clock tower has seen it all.

(yearbook image of tower)

Before the 1950's addition. This was the 'original' entrance into the school.

Fun Fact: The tower is not called the Clock tower! when the school was being constructed, it was called the Library Tower. It was going to be used to store books, but the Fire Marshall at the time vetoed the decision, saying that a kid could get trapped up there if a fire were to erupt.

What is inside it??

Well, a lot of grafitti.

I do not have an image of the inside.

Original entryway

Taken from a yearbook, this is when light actally shone THROUGH the windows.

Original entryway (today)

Today, it is sadly covered up, and is a walkway from the 130's to the 150's hallways. But the original doors are still there.