PHCY 6102 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics 4 credits - Offered in the Spring

PHCY 6101 Pharmaceutical Dosage Form Laboratory 3 x 1 credit - Offered in the Fall (This course is offered as Pharmacy Skills 6160 from fall 2018)

Graduate and undergraduate research credits are offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters - Interested undergraduate and graduate students, please contact Dr. Baskaran "Baski" Thyagarajan directly

Summers rotations on the following topics are offered for Pharm D students

1). Pharmacy informatics

2). Research rotations in Baskilab

(Please refer to research projects specified under the RESEARCH tab)

3). Dietary supplements and herbal products - Standardization of a "correct" product versus a "good" product

4). Stability studies of drug formulations/dietary supplements - Accelerated Stability Analysis

5). Magnetic Micro/Nanoparticle aggregates for drug delivery

6). Multiple emulsions and nano-suspensions, controlled/sustained release formulations for external application

7). Drug interactions (drug/food/excipient and disease interactions) of clinical importance

8). Physical Pharmaceutics - Biopharmaceutical aspects of drug development