Lab Members

Baski Thyagarajan - PI

Padmamalini Baskaran

Senior Scientist and Collaborator

Ryan Christenson

Ryan is a Pharm D Honors Research Student working on developing a nano-cream formulation of TRPV1 inhibitor for pain therapeutics

Jenna Spaulding

Jenna is an undergraduate student working on a project analyzing the role of TRPV1 and TRPA1 in thermal and mechanical pain sensitization mechanisms

Past Members:

Adithya Mohandass Graduate Research Assistant (Pain roject)

Heather Townsend Researcher (TRPV1-Skeletal muscle project)

Nick Chavez Haub Scholar and Researcher (PRDM1-6 project)

Jane Bennis Researcher Technician (SBIR project)

Megan Meier Researcher (Social and administrative project)

Mark Menghini Researcher (Social and administrative project)

Kyle Biehl Research trainee

Hanna Ahuja Research trainee

Jessica O'Neal Research trainee

Jenni Ebersberger Research trainee

Vivek Krishnan Ph. D student - Currently a postdoctoral researcher in Scott Seale's lab in the Univ. of Nevada@ Reno

Menglan Wang Honors project research student

Guy McVeigh Research student

James Tracy Work-study student

Liesl Zimmerman Research student

Kara Nazminia Research student

Rebecca Brenner Wyoming Research Program Scholar

Lauren Scandrett Research Student

Yair Limon Research Trainee

Laurel Markert Research Trainee

Asa Hoover Research Trainee

Kevin Fettel McNair Scholar

Wyatt Fabrizio Researcher (Synaptojanin-1 project)

Mrudhula Baskaran Research student (High School Senior)

Peter Espinola Work study student

Justine Frantz Pharm D student. Currently a registered pharmacist

Jaime Cantu Pharm D student. Currently a registered pharmacist

Ross Cook Research Trainee

Sara Cisneros Research Trainee

Charlotte Nutt Researcher (AACP project support)

Beryen Lai Pharm D student - rotation project on aspirin resistance

Brian Hughes Pharm D student - rotation project on NAFLD

Xianshi Tang Research Assistant

Bayasgalan Surenkhuu Completed M.S. Thesis in Dec. 2013. Currently in the University of Illinois @ Chicago