Publications and Patents

I. Full Length Research Articles

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II. Peer-reviewed Review Articles

1. Thyagarajan, B. and Foster, MT. Beiging of white adipose tissue as a therapeutic strategy for weight loss in humans. Horm. Mol. Biol. Clin. Investig. 2017. Jun 23;31(2).

2. Baskaran, P, VKrishnan and B Thyagarajan. Implications of Obesity on Neuromuscular Functions - The known and unknown. BAOJ Obe Weigt Manage 2015, 1:1 1:003

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III. Peer-reviewed Research Articles on Social and Administrative Pharmacy

1. Singh, R, L Staubach, J Frantz and B Thyagarajan. Understanding Food Choice, Medication Use and Health From Lean and Non Lean Resident Perspectives in a Rural State. BAOJ Pharm. Sci. 2017, 3: 2 3: 034.


1. Thyagarajan, B and P Baskaran. Nanoparticle Delivery System for Targeted Anti-Obesity treatment (#9, 782, 481 B2) October 2017

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5. Thyagarajan, B and P Baskaran. Novel Target Site-Specific Pain Therapy with Botulinum Magnetic Aggregates (#Provision application no.62/689.107)

6. Thyagarajan, B and McArdle, JJ. Methods for Attenuating the Effects of Botulinum Toxin (#20100303932)

V. Book chapters

1. Springer's Handbook of Toxinology: Biological Toxins and Bioterrorism. Chapter on Botulinum Neurotoxin Antidotes (2015)

2. Intechopen's Capsaicin and its Human Therapeutic Development: Chapter on Capsaicin and metabolic diseases: A mini review on preclinical mechanisms and clinical efficacy (2018)

New mouse strains development:

  • TRPV1 - TRPA1 double knockout -