Lab News


Congratulations to Padma, Adithya and Jane for their article accepted for publication in Molecules. Way to go!

Congrats to Padma and Vivek for the research article accepted in BBA Molecular Basis of Diseases on Nov. 05, 2018

Congrats Kyle for the INBRE undergraduate research fellowship

Let us welcome Adithya to Baskilab!

Baskilab welcomes Hanna Ahuja, Jessica O'Neal, and Jenni Ebersberger - INBRE Transition Fellows

Great job defending the thesis Vivek. Congrats on your new position as a postdoctoral fellow in the Univ. of Nevada, Reno. Keep up the great work


Baskilab received COBRE funding for the pain project

Baskilab receives second US Patent for the innovative magnetic nanoparticle drug delivery for obesity therapy!

Welcome Nicolas Chavez, Larissa Gray and Heather Townsend to Baskilab

Congratulations Liesl for obtaining WY INBRE Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Undergraduate Research Fellowship - Way to go!

Congrats Padma, for receiving Phase 0 award from WTBC!

Let us welcome Guy McVeigh (Pharm D student), Mark Menghini (Research trainee) and James Tracy (work-study student) to Baskilab!

Kyle Biehl - Welcome to Baskilab!

Superb performance by Laurel, Kaylan, and Liesl at the Undergraduate Research Day presentations during Undergraduate Research Day April 2017!

*Great job and congratulations to our graduate students and undergraduates and McAlister Lab collaborators for their presentations in WY INBRE Annual Meeting and poster presentations! - Excellent performance

*Great job Laurel - Congratulations for acceptance to Biomedical Science Program at the Colorado State University!

*Welcome Lauren Scandrett - WY INBRE Summer Research Fellow! Let us welcome Mark to Baskilab!

*More papers and a patent accepted!- Thanks for the hard work, everyone in Baskilab!


*Let us welcome Liesl, Asa and Jane to our group (Sept. 2016)

*Welcome Laurel Markert - A research student in Baskilab (March 2016)

*Congrats Kara for joining Pharm D program @ UWyo - Good luck (Aug 2016)

*Congratulations to Vivek and our collaborator McAllister Lab for presenting talks and poster during INBRE Retreat at Teton National Park!

*Baskilab presents posters at the Undergraduate Research Day - Congratulations Justine, Wyatt, and Yair! Great work!!


* Congratulations Wyatt for receiving prestigious WY EPSCoR/INBRE Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

* BASKILAB received Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium - Faculty award for a project analyzing potential cellular target to defy accelerated aging -Thanks BASKILAB members for the hard work and success!!

* BASKILAB receives University of Wyoming Faculty Grant in Aid - Great teamwork!!

*Congrats Baskilab Team for receiving the third best poster award during the RMRNG meeting on May 15, 2015 - Way to go!

* Congrats Vivek for the CHS award! - We have a rock-star here :-))

* BASKILAB in world press - Way to go, team! Great work!!

* BASKILAB receives funding from AHA - Thank you, Baskilab members, for your hard work!

* Congrats Vivek for your first JBC paper! - Good job

* Congrats Padma for two JBC papers!


* Congrats Kevin - Fall 2014 EPSCoR scholar. Man-you rock!

* Congratulations to Baskilab on the acceptance of a new manuscript - Way to go!

* Let us welcome Justine Frantz to our lab!

* Welcome Vivek! Graduate student-Neuroscience program

* Padma presented at AACP Annual Meeting held in July 2014 at Grapevine, TX. Our Amanda Nutt was a co-author in this poster - Congratulations to Padma and Amanda!

* May 23, 2014: Baskilab abstract accepted for presentation at the first annual meeting of mountain west CTR-IN, Las Vegas, NV, USA - Great work team!!

* May 14, 2014: Vivek received Summer Graduate Research Award - Congrats!

* April 26, 2014: Kevin Fettel presents during the WY EPSCoR/INBRE Undergraduate Research Day!

Our Kevin presented a seminar as well as a poster on "Mechanisms by which TRPV1 channel Proteins Inhibit Obesity"

* Kevin receives EPSCoR/INBRE Summer Research Fellowship to work in BASKILAB - Congratulations!

*April 11, 2014: BASKILAB presents five posters during the UWYO College of Health Science Annual Research Day

Congrats to Padma, Vivek, Kevin and Bayasaa!

Padma explains the poster to Dr. Sreejayan Nair


*Nov. 2013: Congrats Padma for Muscle and Nerve paper - Good work!

*Aug 2013: Congrats Kevin for the EPSCoR/INBRE Fellowship for your research in BASKILAB in Fall 2013. Keep up the great work!

*July 2013: Congrats Padma for Toxicon paper acceptance - Way to go!

*July 2013: Congratulations BAYASAA for passing your MS - Good work!

*Biophysical Society 57th Annual Meeting Feb 02-06, 2013 - Philadelphia, PA, USA

*Padma presents during College of Health Sciences Grants Round day, April 2013

*Dr. Louis PremKumar, Ph. D., Professor of Pharmacology, Southern Illinois University visits BASKILAB at UWYO