Projects and Collaborators

Metabolic Diseases

  • Dr. Robert Eckel, M.D. - Link

  • Dr. Michael Sturek, Ph. D., - Link

  • Dr. Michelle T Foster, Ph. D., - Link

  • Dr. Markus Bachschmid, Ph. D. Link

Botulinum Neurotoxin and Pain

  • Dr. Louis Premkumar, Ph. D., - [link]

Botulinum Therapeutics and Neuromedicine

  • Dr. Bal Ram Singh, Ph. D., - [link]

  • Dr. Teresa Lehmann, Ph. D., - [link]

Calcium signaling in Huntington's Disease

  • Dr. Jonathan Fox, Ph. D., - [link]

TRP channels, Polyphosphates and Polyhydroxybutyrates

  • Dr. Eleonora Zakharian, Ph. D., - [link]

Nanoparticle drug delivery

  • Dr. Jay Babu Ramapuram, Ph. D., Link

Research Centers / Organizations

  • Rocky Mountain Regional Center of Excellence - [link]

  • American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy - [link]

  • Northeast Biodefense Center - [link]


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