Poems of Love & Family

by Atlanta Marie Carrera

You fill the empty spaces,
with overflowing spirit

intangible feelings,
on an invisible plane,

life energy abounding,
in an endless echo.

"Abstract Pond"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Bring flowers in the springtime.

Share laughter in the rain.

Free hearts to reach each other.

Touch souls to make us one.

Warm breezes in the summer,

Fill spirits full of life.

A harvest full of color,

With fruits from Mother Earth.

In fall we know our Graces,

Crisp leaves in fragile flight.

Enlightened now by wisdom,

The autumn of our life.

The frost of winter on us,

Pull close to feel the warmth.

A sea we crossed together,

While safely in your arms.

"Abstract Lake"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

I feel your colors
raining down,
raining down on me.

You are the whisper
in my dreams,
in my dreams of you.

We come together
in our thoughts
In our thoughts of love.

"Love Hearts"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Our Love

We have a love that’s never ending

We have a joy that’s pure of heart

Two souls entwined in perfect union

Joined by God’s grace for all of time

"Flying Hearts"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Love's Lullaby

Come rest your head
and lean on me,
let angels sleep,
and love will dream.

A lullaby
of soft refrain,
a breath of hope,
a gentle wind.

I sing to you,
sweet child of mine,
a peace comes soon,
a quiet cry.

I hold you close
and whisper love,
a lullaby
upon your heart.

"Joined by God"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

You Comfort Me

When I am near you, I feel safe.
When you smile at me, it warms my heart.
When I hear you laugh, I am filled with joy.

Just the sound of your voice puts me at ease
and makes me relax.
Even through tears, you make worry disappear.

Your gentleness releases my stress.
A calm surrounds me, just hearing you breathe.
To watch you rest, I see with a clear mind.

Within your words, I find courage.
I hold your hand and it gives me strength.
When you hug me, I feel love.

You comfort me.

"Flying Angel"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

My Friend, My Husband, My Love

You were my friend...
happy to see me; sad when I left
wishing me well; helping me get well
lifting me up when I was down
fun to be around

Then you were more...
you were my love
you who I turn to
you who I can’t wait to tell
you who holds me
you who is always there for me

Your smile is the brightest part of my day.
Your happiness is the spark that lights my way.
Your joy is my joy.
You mean the world to me.

You are my husband; my love
but always, you are my friend.

"Love Heart"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

To My Husband

Your touch warms me
From the tips of my fingers
To the bottom of my soul

Your kiss excites me
A flutter inside
That sends my heart pounding

Your voice reassures me
Filling me with calm
Giving me rest

Your love surrounds me
Carrying me with trust
I belong to you

"Waiting Quietly"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

My Hearts

Every day I think of you.
A song, a look,
a sound, a word
My heart jumps
and I smile,
or I laugh,
or I cry.

You are all around me
and my heart is heavy
because it is so full.

Nothing is the same, except you
I know you in my heart.
I know what you would say.
I know what you would do.
I know what you would think.

I can’t speak
for there is nothing to say.
So I wait quietly
until I see you,
and then my heart will rest.

"Yellow Roses"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Yellow Rose

It is Bright and Sunny and Warm.
Full of Life and Optimism.
It stands for Joy and Happiness,
Wisdom and Enlightenment,
but most of all Friendship.

"Flowers of Joy"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Birthday Wishes

I would wish for you, happiness,
but your smile says it all.

I would wish for you, riches,
but your riches can’t compare.

I would wish fun for you,
but you always make your own.

I would wish that you know God,
but he clearly knows you.

I would wish for you, good luck,
but you already have that too.

I would wish for you to know love,
but that’s abundantly clear.

I would give you the world,
but it’s already yours.

So I give you my friendship
and all the wishes that go with it.

"Jenny Castle"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

To My Little Girl

A moment went by, when it was just you and I
And no one else knew, that inside me you grew

My first thought was excitement to know you were there
A tiny dot of life totally within my care

I knew I couldn’t hide you or I would get no rest
So I told dad our secret and hoped for the best

Your dad was so scared he didn’t know what to saySo I prayed and I prayed for you to be ok

When we told your sisters, they couldn’t believe it was true
The baby they’d always said yes to, was finally coming due

You were a surprise and a miracle all rolled into one
We love you so dearly and can’t wait for the fun!


"Frank's Dock"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Magical House

My Granny & Grampa live in a magical house

There’s an Easter Egg party every single day
And a secret room where only kids can play

There’s an Ice cream store in the laundry room
And markers and paint to make an art show soon

You can build a tent in the room upstairs
and have indoor picnics with lots of tables and chairs

There’s a pantry full of our favorite snacks
And plenty of bread to feed the duck that quacks

On the back porch you can watch a fireworks show
and on the lawn there are parties whenever we go

Flowers & Butterflies, fountains & water slides
Fishing & Swimming, Sand castles & boat rides,

A puzzle can sit on the table all day
And Scrabble and cards are the games we play

At Christmas there are lights everywhere
and trains that move and lots of presents to share

But the very best part which no place can beat
It’s where Granny & Grampa and all the cousins meet.

and that’s why it’s a magical house!

"Water Fairy"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

A Mother’s Tears

I see the rain begin to fall outside my window.
Splish, Splash, Splosh
Bouncing off the window sill
Dancing, Skipping, Jumping with excitement on the pavement

It is Youth
It is Happiness
It is Excitement
Like tears of joy

I hear the rain streaming steadily through the trees
Swirling, Twirling, Whirling
Spinning dizzily through the branches
Splashing, Dashing, Flowing with exuberance from the clouds

It is Rhythmic
It is Dancing
It is Emotion
Like tears of compassion

I feel the torrents of rain pounding their way down to earth
Gushing, Rushing, Crashing
Endlessly relentless against the darkened sky
Beating, Repeating, Stinging with pain as it touches the world

It is Deafening
It is Confusion
It is Anger
Like tears of frustration

I smell the cool rain as it slows to a soft echo
Rolling, Rising, Rippling
Wave after wave lapping against the wind
Soaking, Sopping, Stopping with a gentle layer in the heavy air

It is Calm
It is Tranquil
It is Understanding
Like tears of sorrow

I touch the beading pools of water left behind on the dampened ground
Puddling, Pooling, Floating
Drowning all life it surrounds
Stagnant, Still, Silent with a wet quiet against a bottomless void

It is Drenched
It is Emptied
It is Solitary
Like tears of loneliness

And then it appears, just out of reach
Soft, Faint, Glowing
Evaporating all the tears
Pausing, Stretching, Waiting for the next rain storm

It is Promise
It is Hope
It is Future
A Rainbow, bringing endless color against the Carolina Blue

"Jenny's Doll"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

One Day

Your little voice cries out,
and I rush to your side.
One day, you will talk to me,
but right now, I’m just guessing.

I hold you so dearly
and marvel at you.
One day, I can’t cradle you,
but my moment is now.

As I feed you, my darling,
you cling to me closely
with tiny hands so soft
that one day will grow big.

I’m in awe of your wonder,
so helpless and small,
a future awaiting, but
trusting totally in me.

You fall asleep in my arms,
and I lay you down gently.
One day you will walk,
and I will miss carrying you.

With patience, I wait.
I know each growing hour
that one day you will leave me,
but right now, you are mine.

"Jenny's Jellyfish"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

I Walk with You

I walk with you
because I carry you with me.
You are in my heart.

I laugh with you
because we have shared joy.
You are in my heart.

I cry with you
because I feel your sadness.
You are in my heart.

I am always with you
even after we’ve parted
because you are in my heart.

by Atlanta Marie Carrera

The Promise

It starts like a thought
Illusive and uncertain
Floating, like your heart suspended in midair
Appearing, then disappearing

It forms into a feeling
Transparent, yet strong
Merging like the colors of an orange sunset
Just out of reach

It grows and strengthens
Forming a bond
Fusing together like the rays of the yellow sun
Intangible, yet always there

It springs ever forward
Beauty and life
Bursting forth like the green buds of a flower
Lively jumping from one spot to the next

It stands tall
Awe and wonder
Melting into a serene blue sky
Impossible to hide

It reflects mysteriously
Unexpected, yet reassuring
Glowing brightly in the hazy purple mist
Stretching endlessly

It is your promise to each other
Sharing everything
Giving of yourself to another with your whole heart
Piercing through the clouds

It’s power is undeniable
It is your rainbow

"Life's Journey"
by Atlanta Marie Carrera

Life's Journey

Take it all in with a deep breath
Like the smell of a crisp autumn morning, it surrounds you
Excitement, as if leaves are rustling through the trees
Reminding you it’s there

If you lie perfectly still, you can feel it
Softer than a gentle breeze brushing across your face
The winds of change are upon you
Stirring inside

Pushing you ever forward
With a sensation of air rushing past
Constantly moving and
Rearranging the world around you

When you hold your breath, you can see it
An invisible hiccup
Waiting, anticipating
Moving together as one

Savor every moment
Like the salty mist of the ocean’s spray, it covers you
Surging and urging you on
Twisting and turning in its’ own whirlpool

Center yourself in a calm, focused meditation
Pacing to the rhythm of a song
Gently blowing out its’ melody
Inhaling and exhaling with the music

Finally, it exhausts your resolve
With a deep sigh of relief, it arrives
Gasping for the first breath of new life
Screaming to fill its’ lungs

Tiny hands grasping at air
Trying to hold on to fading memories
Longing to embrace them
Before they dissipate

A pause, like time suspended
A faint whistling, in and out
Softer than a whisper
A tender sweetness soundly sleeping

No longer one, but always connected
Feeling every breath as if it were your own
Forever lifting your spirit with its soul
One journey ending as another begins