Poems - Feelings

Energized Spirit

Spirit is energized,

exploring every direction,

all at once.

Changing Life

Life is changing,

constantly reshaping

our perceptions.

Deep Knowledge

Knowledge is deep,

immersed in history,

constantly experimenting.

Balanced Peace
Peace is balanced,

both sides at once,

existing in harmony.

Layered Experiences

Experiences are layered,

building blocks

for life's foundation.

Bursting Joy

Joy is bursting,

the fire of life,

exploding outward.

Resilient Growth

Growth is resilient,

a charted path

of peaks and valleys.

Abundant Thoughts

Thoughts are abundant,

brilliant snapshots,

coloring our world.

Anticipating Faith

Faith is anticipating,

knowing there is more,

waiting for it to blossom.

Moving Goals

Goals are moving,

constantly updated,

enriched by motion.

Reaching Heart

Heart is reaching,

finding its way

through those it touches.

Centered Essence

Essence is centered,

protective bands

circling and united.

Connected Lives

Lives are connected,

influencing each other

in unpredictable ways.

Unstoppable Emotions

Emotions are unstoppable,

piercing and reflecting,

through the smallest of filters.

Rising Hope

Hope is rising,

burning a hole

through your core.

Flexible Feelings

Feelings are flexible,

strong or faint,

and ever changing.

Growing Senses

Senses are growing,

expressing ripples,

both inward and outward.

Aware Mind

Mind is aware,

gathering information

through questioning.

Supported Soul

Soul is supported,

attending to your needs,

on an invisible plane.

Limitless Love

Love is limitless,

an infinite supply

flowing continuously.