Books - Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins
(Illustration Cover Page)

Written & Illustrated by
Atlanta Marie Carrera

On Halloween night,

the moon shines bright

and pumpkins come out to play.

(Pumpkin Moon - illustration here)

Like spiders they creep

down toward the street

in a lineup of orange display.

Jack-o-lanterns hang free

in an old oak tree

and look for kids coming their way.

Pumpkins dress like a witch

with a cat black as pitch

in a field all scattered with hay.

Bats wait for the hour

by the old clock tower

as bells chime the time of day.

Ghosts in the sky

are a clever disguise

as pumpkins point the way.

On a broomstick he flies

dropping candy from skies

as the children all shout "Hooray!"

Pumpkins gather to share

all the treats they can spare

trading candy at end of day.