Useful Websites

Fun Kids Live

Earth Exploration Toolbox

A very interesting website that offers students the chance to undertake 'real' investigations using real scientific data. For example, pupils can download and compare real images showing changes in the ozone layer over time with activities to help them investigate these changes and consider what they may mean. Lots of support material for teachers. Don't be put off by how out of date the site looks, there is great stuff to be found here!


This website’s tag is ‘Fodder for young minds’ and it contains lots of interesting, current topical science news with articles and video clips.


Explorify is a free resource for primary school teachers offering weekly, easy to use activities to spark pupil curiosity and develop thinking skills. Many of their activities have a ‘topical science’ theme. Lessons are either 15min or 30min and come with all the resources that you need. A great for assemblies or the classroom.

You will need to make an account, however, the resource is free to use.

STEM Learning's Monthly Topical Science Newsletter

STEM Learning creates a monthly ‘Topical Science Newsletter’ which contains lots of links to topical science stories which have made the news that month. The hyperlinks within the document take you to relevant videos, articles and websites. This would be a great tool for adding a bit of topical science to a school assembly or as an end of day whole class activity!

The files are named with the first four numbers standing for the year then month of publication, so file 1510 would be October 2015. You can access all the newsletters here:

Cool Science Experiments Headquarters

The National STEM Learning Centre

Lots of resources which are regularly updated and added to.

Steve Spangler Science

Lots of great ideas for science lessons with step by step instructions.

Youtube: Great Minds from Science

A playlist of 28 videos giving a fun overview of different ‘great minds’ from science. The videos are made for children and range in length from 2min to 12min. Watch the videos then discuss the impact that their contribution has made on society.

Youtube: Sci Show

Lots of great, short videos to build interest in science. These would be perfect to watch and discuss impact on society, science skills being used, science /STEM careers etc. Great for assemblies or classroom

STEM Ambassadors

Are you interested in working with 'real scientists' but unsure of how to best structure this experience? These lesson plans, created by STEM Ambassadors, give clear guidance to you and the 'scientist' in your classroom; a really useful tool. If you are interested in working with a 'real scientist' please contact Kevin McKeever at STEM East via the following website:

STEM Central

Education Scotland's site for science & STEM resources. Lots of good stuff here, with the majority of resources being resource packs for a series of linked lessons. ZIP files include planning guides, lesson plans and resources.

Highland Science Website

Encounter Edu

STEM Central - National Improvement Hub

175 Faces of Chemistry:

In interactive look at key people in Chemistry. A greet way to see the diverse range of people who have made contributions in Chemistry.

School Science

Resources and websites organised by topic.

Brain POP Science

BBC Bitesize: Topical Science

STEM Glasgow's YouTube Channel

STEM Glasgow's YouTube channel contains short 'How To' videos showing a range of easy to follow science experiences which you can try in class! Brilliant!

STEM East Teacher Resources

Lots of resources, links to competitions and information and new funding opportunities.

The Institute of Engineering and Technology Faraday Primary

A very long name, but a useful website full of lots of great resources. They offer very high quality, free classroom posters about science and STEM!