Subsea Channel

Welcome to the Subsea Channel

Subsea UK has worked with education bodies and teachers to create a resource which will capture the interest and imagination of primary pupils in science subjects. Aligned to the Curriculum for Excellence, Subsea Channel will provide teachers with a resource which shows real-life applications of the scientific principles they teach.

This package will help you deliver some of the required Experiences and Outcomes within the subject frameworks of Curriculum for Excellence's Science and Technologies Frameworks. The five topics each contain; a film showing aspects of the subsea environment; an example lesson plan and some teaching notes. Also included are the scripts used by the narrator of the films as well as some supplementary reference information.

To further support teachers implement this resources in their setting Aberdeen Science Centre and Angus Council have created the following range of professional learning videos which demonstrate the various activities and cover the key learning within each unit.

All resources can be accessed for free from the Subsea Channel website: