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I’m on Facebook as Ron ‘aalgar’ Watt. (For some reason they can’t abide the ol’ double-caps.) Feel free to friend me if that’s your thing, but you may want to put a note in your friend request if I wouldn’t immediately recognize you. I’ve been burned by robots too many times. Which is not nearly as cool as it sounds.

AAlgar Productions also has its own Facebook page.


My Twitter handle is @aalgar. Follow if you dare, but be warned: I tweet a lot.

We also have Twitter accounts for @sarcasticvoyage and @PAHpodcast, but we don't really use them for much. We set the former up to prevent cyber-squatting and we very occasionally use the latter to broadcast Periscope streams.


This lower-case T is not for Twitter — it's for Tumblr! Who knew!

I actually have a few Tumblrs. My main one, where I just post and re-post things I find interesting, is here.

Sarcastic Voyage's is here. New episodes of everything under the SV banner (including Contentment Corner) link from there, as well as the occasional exclusive tidbit (sketches that got cut from the show, behind-the-scenes-type stuff, etc.)

Post Atomic Horror's is here. Matt and I both use this one, mostly to post interesting Star Trek stuff we see. New episodes also go here, of course, and Matt occasionally forgets which blog he's posting from and posts non-Trek stuff. Which stays up until I realize what he's done and take it down.


This is my YouTube channel. New cartoon reviews post here, as well as videos that relate to the podcasts.

If you follow my cartoon reviews, be warned: YouTube has a strange and frankly exhausting copyright policy which has resulted in a number of my reviews being removed. (So far this has only affected my Transformers reviews. They haven't touched the GI Joe ones yet.) Once the copyright holder decides that my video is in violation of their copyright, they mark it for removal and I can't repost the video. (The system is actually smart enough to recognize if I try to upload the same video again and it locks me out.) So you can find quite a few of my reviews there, but there will be gaps. I have since posted embedded versions of those videos on this site for anyone who would like to see them.


My personal e-mail is ron dot aalgar dot watt at gmail dot com. By sharing this, I have instilled in you a sacred trust. Please do not violate this trust.If you want to reach Sarcastic Voyage (regarding SV, Contentment Corner or any of our other audio dramedies), the address is sarcasticvoyage at gmail. Post Atomic Horror is postatomichorror at gmail. That mail will be read and answered on a future episode unless you specifically request otherwise.