Endeavor - artwork

Original artwork based on characters and situations from Endeavor

Dal Lacerto by Gregory Dickens

Dal Lacerto & Naomi Wildman by Gregory Dickens

Naomi Wildman by Gregory Dickens

Admiral Kabeer Saraiya by Brian Lynch

Captain Jia, Naomi Wildman, Dal Lacerto and Kutch by Brian Lynch

Dal Lacerto by Uncle Bradford

Captain Jia (and company) by Uncle Bradford

Kutch by Uncle Bradford

Dal Lacerto by Scott Ziolko

Kutch by Scott Ziolko

Naomi Wildman by Scott Ziolko

Dal Lacerto, Naomi Wildman and Kutch by Scott Ziolko

Want to contribute artwork? Here's how!

Matt Rowbotham and Ron “AAlgar” Watt's Star Trek fanfic project, Endeavor, is scheduled to release its first episode on 1 March 2019, with subsequent episodes to follow on the first of each month. Patreon donors will receive access to these episodes one week before their release to the general public.

As an alternative to monetary donations, they will also be granting early access to anyone who contributes artwork of any character(s), location(s) or scene(s) from Endeavor. Ten episodes are planned for the show's first season, so this would equate to a $5 pledge x 10, or a $50 (USD) value.

General Guidelines

Artwork should be submitted to this e-mail address.

All artwork will be used as promotional material for the show, with the original artist(s) credited. We would also be more than happy to provide links to websites/portfolio/commission info with your piece, if you want that.

None of this artwork will be resold by us — we're only looking to promote our free show (and build a fan community), not profit from your hard work.

As a rule, higher resolution images work best. We're not looking to cheat you out of exquisitely detailed work — we just don't want the finished product to look blocky when we put it on our website.

Style Guidelines

As this project is based entirely in an audio medium, we are very much of the opinion that there is no set look for any of our characters. We welcome broad artistic interpretations.

Endeavor is set about 20 years after the end of Voyager/Nemesis. The last uniform we've seen Starfleet characters in, canonically, is the black and gray one that debuted in First Contact. If you're looking for a default outfit for our Starfleet characters, this would be it. However, Starfleet seems to love completely reinventing their uniforms every few years and it's extremely conceivable that they've moved on to an entirely new design after two decades. If you're willing to put in the work of designing new uniforms, that would absolutely fit the setting.


Naomi Wildman - the half-human/half Ktarian little girl we watched grow up on Voyager. Naomi is about 30 now. She's cheerful and extroverted. Starfleet Lt. Commander, science colors.

Dal Lacerto - Cardassian woman in Starfleet. Also about 30. Acerbic, occasionally anti-social. Starfleet Lieutenant, science colors.

Kutch - Tellarite man in Starfleet. Kind of a big, dumb lug. Tellarite, but desperately trying to fit in among humans. Starfleet Lieutenant, security colors.

Jia - Deltan man in Starfleet. Proud, outgoing dad who tries just a little too hard. Starfleet Captain, command colors.

Kabeer Saraiya - human man from India, in Starfleet. Arrogant, gung-ho drill instructor type. Extremely direct and does not like to be questioned. Starfleet Admiral.

Sokar - Vulcan ambassador, not in Starfleet. This role has not yet been cast. We're not entirely sure of this character's age or gender, so this is open to wide interpretation.


USS Endeavor - research starship of as-yet undesignated class. Registry NCC-101310. Probably on the smaller side (think more Voyager than an Enterprise). First Starfleet vessel to explore the Andromeda galaxy.

Nimbus Station - starbase in the Andromeda galaxy. Joint home of Federation, Cardassian, Klingon and Romulan teams jointly exploring the new territory. Ironically named for the failed “planet of intergalactic peace” from Star Trek V.