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Crossover 2022 - “ALF's Special Christmas”

25 Dec 2022

We're no longer reviewing Star Trek, but that's no reason why we shouldn't continue meeting up with our old pals English and Irish Gav and subject one another to odd holiday entertainment! This year, Maggie has maintained her Christmas tradition of choosing something awful for us to watch, and it's ALF's Special Christmas. And trust us, it is truly, truly awful.

Content warning (no, really): suicide, terminally ill children

Star Trek: Picard

Episodes 405 - 414, January - March 2020
He's back! JLP returns, and now he has a very good dog!

Star Trek: Discovery

Episodes 371 - 403, June 2018 - January 2020
In the past of the future, Cadet Tilly exists. She is perfect. Also appearing: Michael Burnham, Saru, Captain Lorca and “Ash Tyler,” the “fire wolf.” Black alert!

Star Trek: Enterprise

Episodes 322 - 370, June 2017 - June 2018
The adventures of Trained Diplomat Jonathan “Guantanamo” Archer, Charles “Trip” Tucker, III and the other idiots aboard a ship that was better than any of the other ones and did everything before they did.

Star Trek: Voyager

Episodes 237 - 321, August 2015 - June 2017
Kate Janeway, Seven of Nine and Naomi Wildman explore the distant reaches of the Delta Quadrant. Other characters also appear, we guess?

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Episodes 148 - 235, October 2013 - August 2015
Angry Space Dad Ben “Emissary” Sisko takes command of a former Cardassian space station and, in the process, brings us the best Star Trek series.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episodes 53 - 147, October 2011 - October 2013
JL Picard learns to laugh and love while commanding what is essentially the most advanced fire truck ever created.
Includes the series and movies.

Star Trek

Episodes 1 - 52, September 2010 - October 2011
Captain J. Tiberius K. explores the galaxy with his best friend, his other best friend and a massive crew of support staff.
Includes the original series and movies, the animated series and the reboot movies.

Non-Star Trek reviews

Covering that awkward period when we ran out of Star Trek to review and were waiting for them to make more. Also includes “crossover” supplemental episodes where we discussed shows that were not Trek.


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Between seasons, the Post Atomic Horror podcast pauses to discuss what they've seen so far and answer listener mail.

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